Merge, Filter, Share

The easiest way to create and share read-only versions of your calendar with whoever you want.

Who is ScheduleShare for?

The short answer. Anyone with one or more Google calendars.

The long answer. Anyone who wants an easier way to share one or more Google calendars with other people and be able to control who can see event details based solely on the content of the event. ScheduleShare is perfect for anyone who has to share ongoing availability information with multiple clients or wants to share a single calendar feed with a family member instead of having to share multiple individual calendars.

How does ScheduleShare work?

ScheduleShare lets you set decide what event details are shown in each calendar based on matching rules in the event text itself. Once you've decided which calendars should be included in a feed and what rules apply, you simply use your calendar application exactly as you always have and each person you share a ScheduleShare feed with will see only the events that they should.

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